Hi, I’m Ben Hays, pastor at the Church in the Center. I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a bit of my story and why we started a new church in the Texas Medical Center area of Houston. 

My wife Kelli and I along with our four children are excited about being in Houston and living near the Texas Medical Center area. 

We had never before thought about living in Houston, but something happened in our lives that began this new journey. 

Our first born child, Landon, was born with a rare pediatric liver disease and ended up becoming a patient at Texas Children’s Hospital. The care we received there was awesome and all of the doctors, nurses, and staff at TCH were a huge blessing in our lives as they cared for our son.  

Today, he is a happy and thriving boy that, minus the scar, you would never know he’s been sick a day in his life. And though we are still followed closely by the TCH Liver Center and will be indefinitely, we are very grateful to God and the medical center community for the success of his health.

So this is how we were introduced to the Texas Medical Center area and over time we just fell in love with this community. We see it as such an epicenter of hope, love, and genuine compassion where every day, many thousands of people offer help to others from every walk of life. So over time, my family felt strongly that this was the place that we want to live, work, volunteer, and build lasting friendships. Therefore, we continually strive to establish a church community with the medical center area in mind. We simply hope just to be a small part serving those people who are spending their lives serving the greater good of humanity. 


We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you one day and hearing your story and dreams for your life. If we can encourage you or pray for you in any way, please let us know. Please take a second and look around the rest of this site at our plans for the Church in the Center. 

Ben Hays
The Church in the Center