Summer Growth Groups begin today and continue during the weeks ahead as well as on Sundays.  Please Contact the group leader (mentioned below) if you have any questions or would like to be included in the summer roster. 


  • Sermon based Study - (Genesis) - Greg Dement (Sunday, 9AM - 10AM); Location: Weekley Family YMCA; Email:

  • Men's Bible Study - (Various Topics) Ben Hays (Tuesday 6.15AM); Location: Taco Cabana 77025; Email:

  • Women's Bible Study - (1st, 2nd, 3rd, John) - Kim Pieplow (Wednesday 10AM - 11.30AM); Location: The Pieplow Residence; Email:

  • Next Steps Class (Making sense of the Christian Faith) - Prakash Thomas (2nd/4th Sundays, 11.30AM - 12.30PM); Location: Weekley Family YMCA; Email:

  • Youth Bible Study - (Parables of Christ) Roy & Jenny McClung (Sunday 6PM) Location: The McClung Residence; Email:

  • Young Professionals Women's Bible Study - (Various Topics) - Mitzi Pack (Tuesday 6.30PM); Location: Museum District; Email: