Interested in becoming a member of The Church in the Center? We’re glad that God is leading you our way! We understand that joining a church is a big decision, so we are committed to giving as much information as possible about the process, requirements, and expectations of church membership at The CitC.

We believe that essentially what it means to be a member of a church, is to covenant together before God and with other believers, to live out the mission of God on earth by being a local, visible and tangible expression of the Body of Christ. Church is not a club you join or a place you go, it is a people living life together in following the example of Jesus. Therefore, at The CitC, membership revolves around our Church Covenant document because it captures these truths and expresses them as commitments.

So the process for becoming a member is as simple as this: understanding, embracing, and signing the church covenant. To facilitate this, we will hold periodic membership classes to introduce potential new members to the covenant document and give them an opportunity for asking questions or voicing any concerns. At the end of these classes, (which will consist of a two hour session on a Sunday afternoon) those who are ready to join The CitC will be given the opportunity to sign the church covenant and officially become a member, or to take the document home and think and pray about it some more.