Everything you need to know to get started at the Church in the Center

Where does The Church in the Center meet?

We GATHER every Sunday morning at the Weekley Family YMCA, 7101 Stella Link Rd. Houston, 77025.  Whether you're checking out Houston, looking for a church, or simply curious, we want to welcome you and invite you to Church in the Center's Sunday morning 10 am worship service.  This is where we GATHER before we scatter!  Sunday morning worship is an integral part of what we do but it can't even begin to define who we are.  Our Vision is simple.  Our focus is singular.  "More of Christ, and less of me."  Community Life is how we make this a reality.  This is where you'll find us!  At our friend's house, in our neighbor's backyard, in our schools, in our research facilities, on the hospital floor, at our community park, making much of Christ.  Here we encourage our family to build new and lasting relationships.  We pray for each other, dig deep into scripture, and grow under the direction of His Spirit.  We'd love to fill you in on everything that's going on... but first, let's get the conversation started. Join us this Sunday!

Click here for details on parking and directions. 

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What networks is The Church in the Center affiliated with?

The Church in the Center desires to be a community of believers that has open doors to all people from various denominational backgrounds. Believers from any religious tradition and also non-believers are welcome in our services and small groups. We also believe that volutuntary cooperation with strategic networks enables us to achieve more for God’s Kingdom.  We can make a greater impact in both local and global missions by engaging in collective efforts with like-minded churches and organizations.

Therefore, The CitC has chosen to affiliate with the following networks:

Houston Church Planting Network  www.hcpn.org

Union Baptist Association www.ubahouston.org

Southern Baptist of Texas Convention  www.sbtexas.com

North American Mission Board www.namb.net

The Gospel Coalition  http://thegospelcoalition.org/

What ministries does/will The Church in the Center offer?

We envision several key areas of ministry.

The first one is our CONNECTION POINTS.  This is where we GATHER and connect with each other in new and meaningful ways.  These monthly and weekly opportunities give us the chance to hear from each other, to get 1st hand accounts of what God is doing in and through our lives.  When life is beautiful, we rejoice.  When trials come our way, we rejoice in hope.  In every season of life, we GATHER under one name, Jesus Christ.  This is who we are! 

The second ministry is our GROWTH GROUPS.  This is where we GROW rooted and built up in Christ.  These small groups of people meet before and after our Sunday morning worship service as well as in homes across Houston during the week.  Here, group leaders facilitate discussion and learning over biblical truths.  This is where we take notes, ask questions, and think deeply.  Ultimately, we return to scripture, rely on His Spirit, and rest in prayer.  This is how we live!

Our MINISTRY TEAMS also play a big role in our church family. This is where certain called out individuals lead independent teams of disciples to ENGAGE the community with the Gospel.  After various seasons of fellowship and personal growth, men and women from various life stages band together as our CORE and "go out."   In some instances, they serve quietly and with excellence behind the scenes.  In other cases, you'll find our teams strategically planted in public & private spaces giving hope, providing comfort, and when the opportunity arises, sharing the reason for the hope within each of us.  The goal is not recognition or fame but rather a willingness to obey the one who first loved us.  This is who we serve!

Read more about Community Life here.


How does The Church in the Center serve the greater good of the community?

We want to be a church that is actively involved in community service. We strongly encourage our members to give of their time to volunteer in one of the many excellent institutions of the medical center area who are making a real difference in the lives of families. We are also actively involved in missions both locally and globally. We take regular trips to various destinations around the world to meet both humanitarian and spiritual needs. Read more about volunteering through the Church in the Center here.

What children’s programs will be offered during church services and/or community groups?

At The Church in the Center, we offer quality child care for kids from carefully screened and trained caregivers. Our kids are one of the most precious gifts in our lives and we will treat yours the same. Also, please know that while child care will be available, it will not be mandated. If you would like for your infant or child to stay with you during the worship service, that is perfectly acceptable and welcomed. We view the presence of kids in our services as a blessing, not a distraction. More details about our Children’s Ministry are available on Sunday mornings at the Info Desk.

What financial accountability measures are in place for The Church in the Center?

As a new church, we are accountable to our sponsor churches and denominational entities. Each month, reports are submitted to the authorities in these organizations to ensure financial integrity on the part of The Church in the Center. We also have a very thorough internal accounting system to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and allocated properly. When you give to The Church in the Center, you will receive an annual contribution report (for IRS deduction purposes) and you will have access to budget information to see where we spend and give our funds. Also, The Church in the Center has had a policy in place from day one of giving away more than 10% of our income to missional charities.

How can I get involved with The Church in the Center?

We have multiple CONNECTION POINTS, GROWTH GROUPS, and MINISTRY TEAMS to choose from.  Anyone looking for a place to connect to build relationships, receive prayer support, and explore the Bible together are welcome to join us. Another great way to get started is to join us at our main public worship service on Sunday mornings.  In addition, there are many opportunities to join in on community service projects taking place through our partnership with the YMCA Outreach Team. You can stay informed on upcoming opportunities at our Facebook page

What are the doctrinal positions of the church?

View our Statement of Faith here.

Why start another church in Houston?

A lot of people ask the question, why start a church in a city that already has a lot of great churches. This is a really good question that needs to be addressed. While it seems that there are a lot of churches in Houston and that there are plenty to choose from, the reality is that the demographical picture necessitates many more churches. Houston is rapidly growing both numerically and culturally. 

To adequately serve such a massive and diverse populous, many more churches of all types will be needed. A fact to this point is that over the last 100 years in American history, the church-to-population ratio has actually fallen in half, and in Houston alone, some strategist suggest that we are at least 600 churches behind the population curve. So our vision is to be a part of a church planting movement to provide many more quality churches to serve a rapidly transforming and expanding city.